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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. round two of the storm is just getting started. we're gonna pinpoint the areas that will get hit the hardest. good evening. i'm dana king. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. so let's get right to chief meteorologist paul deanno who is tracking the storm on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. >> we've been talking about this rainfall since thanksgiving. we've known it's been coming for about seven days. tonight, it's finally here. the heavy rainfall has arrived. now enveloping just about all of the bay area.
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check it out. from clear lake, south to cloverdale, napa, vacaville, all now getting a steady soaking rainfall. the 680 corridor, also tapping into the rain, all the way down the pleasanton. look at all that rain, due west of san francisco. san mateo, half moon bay, it will be pouring in the city within the hour. the heaviest rainfall still to the north. it's creeping to the south, though, and tomorrow is going to be a washout, wet all day, windy as well at times, with rough surf and a slight thunderstorm chance. that's it. flash flood watch is in effect for the coast, for the north bay and for the mountains through monday. that's an update. there will be widespread ponding on the roads and urban flooding. wind advisory also in effect. wind gusts 35 to 45 miles an hour. and take a look at our futurecast. look at the color code. there's not one part of the bay area that our computer forecast model says will receive less
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than three inches of rain between now and sunday. this will be a widespread soaker, one of the likes that we have not seen in about seven years here in the bay area. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> paul, thank you. as you just said, it's all about the north bay right now. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook is in petaluma. >> reporter: hi, dana. the rain has been pretty steady throughout the night. just recently it tapered off a little bit. but as you can see, it's still definitely coming down. this is why this area is so vulnerable. all of the storm water, they all throw straight into the petaluma river, right behind me. and this river runs straight through the center of town. a soggy thursday evening for people who live in petaluma. much like the slow-moving storm, the rain slowly got stronger as the night went on. with nearly a foot of rain expected in the next several days, these businesses set up sandbags.
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many of them have been flooded before and they weren't taking any chances. the city is no stranger to massive floods. the worst was back in 1982, causing $28 million in damage. since then, they've invested nearly $40 million into the river flood control project, replacing road and railroad bridges, installing flood walls and pump stations. keith has been in the coast guard for ten years and was deployed to the gulf for hurricanes katrina and ike. he says even though the city has a tumultuous past, the city is ready. >> the city has resources available to them, both state and federal, so i think they're well prepared. they're watching it more so than probably half the citizens here. >> reporter: santa rosa city schools sent out a notice to parents saying that school may be cancelled tomorrow if there is excessive flooding. also, the fire department has
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set up sandbags at the north end of hopper street. cbs 5 mark sayre is up in the north bay. what's it like right now, mark. >> reporter: the main feature here is actually the wind more so than the rain. the rain picked up in novato around 8:30. this is just off 101. around 8:30 is when the rain moved in here, ever since then it's been kind of coming down in squalls. we'd have a squall and then it would calm down a little bit, then another squall. you can only imagine, it's a whole lot higher gusts over in the hills. we can see highway 101, traffic flowing smoothly in both directions so far. a significant bite and a significant bark and a whole lot of wind out here as well.
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>> all right, mark. thanks so much. of course you can get live hi- def doppler for your neighborhood anytime at there are a number of flight delays and cancellations tonight but not for the reason you might expect. seeing the video you just saw, the lights are out on one of the runways at the burbank airport. several people are trying to fly out of oakland and san jose tweeted they were stuck because of that outage. if flights were delayed about an hour tonight. >> frustrating, because i think the lights were out before we actually boarded the plane. and they didn't tell us. they thought they were going to be able to get over there, fix it and it would be done. >> the outage effects the departures runway. arrivals runway, that's open, but it's up to the airlines to decide whether they want to fly in. he was on the run for several months, but a bay area rapper's luck finally ran out
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in vegas. the feds caught up to him. now he's taking center stage in an international drug ring investigation. >> reporter: they call him miami the most, a rapper whose real name is michael lott. he belongs to biz entertainment. they were a group of rappers doubling as drug dealers. investigators say they have video of lott and other entertainment rappers selling ecstasy and cocaine to undercover operators. according to investigators, lott was not alone. a host of other rappers were allegedly running a drug ring, with connections as far away as new york. in april, investigators took down 25 other people associated with biz entertainment, much to the disappointment of fans at the time. >> because what he's saying i can relate to. >> if you're being unjustly
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charged, that's very unfair. >> reporter: the feds seized four pounds of crack cocaine, property, and $200,000 in dirty money. and they're not done yet. investigators say there are two rappers still on the bruce, including bruce thurman. and this woman. in vallejo, christin ayers, cbs 5. we have about a month until we fall off the fiscal cliff. but lawmakers don't seem any closer to pulling us back from the ledge. the president's plan includes $1.6 trillion in new tax revenue in exchange for $400 billion in entitlement cuts. but it doesn't say where the savings will come from. republicans called it an insult. >> despite that claims that the president supports a balanced approach, the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. >> we are waiting for some
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specifics, some where, from our republican colleagues to show that they're serious on negotiations. >> if a compromise is not reached by year's end, automatic tax hikes and steep budget cuts will kick in. the president and mitt romney met face-to-face today for the first time since their contentious campaigning. aides say they discussed american leadership in the world and pledged to stay in touch. the supreme court could take up california's same-sex marriage debate as far as tomorrow. we'll know as soon as the court posts a list of cases it plans to review. if the prop 8 case is on the list, it means it would be argued and likely decided by next summer. but if the justices opt not to hear it, than the appeals court ruling that struck down the ban as unconstitutional would stand. if that happens, same-sex weddings could become legal in
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days. what's been a favorite with foodies, now the fate of a historic bay area oyster form is decided forever. cops hear a lot of excuses for bad driving but wait until you hear what one driver blamed for this parking lot mashup. power ball is coming to town. well, it's coming to california anyway. when you can get in on the action. take a look at the crystal clarity of hi-def doppler that you'll find nowhere else. in san rafael, it is pouring. in ten minutes, you'll hear that rain pounding on your roofs that much more. we'll take a look at hi-def doppler, coming up. ,,
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well, it's doomsday for drakes bay. the feds are ousting the oyster farm from point reyes, ending a year's long environmental battle over that site. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre on the booming business that suddenly went bust. >> reporter: jenny shows off the fresh oysters from her family farm, continuing a business that has operated in this spot since the 1930's. but it will all end on friday, when a federal lease to operate inside the point reyes national seashore ends.
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>> so this is devastating to many, many people. >> reporter: kevin received the news in a phone call from interior secretary ken salazar. >> this is intended to be the end of what has been, what makes our coastal community, the culture, the history of marin. >> reporter: last week, salazar toured the oyster farm, wanting to see it first hand before he issued his final decision. the national park service purchased the land in 1972, which included a 40-year least for the oyster farm to operate. but environmental groups have long thought to evict the farm and return to area to its natural state. >> there's a much, much broader effect to this decision. it's 30 employees. >> reporter: the drakes bay oyster farm is also a big driver of tourism in west marin, bringing in an estimated 50,000 visitors year-round. >> when those families come out, they stay in our bed and breakfast, they go to the local
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restaurants. they're excited to be in west marin. >> reporter: in a statement, secretary salazar says, i believe it is the right decision for point reyes national seashore and for future generations who will enjoy this treasured landscape. mark sayre, cbs 5. >> well, the company now has 90 days to cease operations and remove its property from park land. a trucker who took out ten vehicles as he barreled through an east bay car lot says he was under a spell. a sneezing spell. the overnight accident left united auto center in san leandro looking more like a demolition derby. surveillance cameras captured the crash. well, the driver told officers the sudden sneezing fit was so intense, he lurched clear out of his lane. the aftermath left employees stunned. >> was he drunk? an officer said, no, he sneezed. and i said, he sneezed? >> the chp is calling it a
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freak accident. the crash totaled seven parked trucks, damaged three others. but fortunately, no one was hurt. move over, mega millions, and look out, superlotto! powerball is coming to california. cbs 5 reporter kiet do shows us who is going to be cashing in. >> i hope you got those tickets! >> reporter: does california need yet another lottery game? the state says, you bet! today, the california state lottery commission voted unanimously to become the 43rd state to offer a powerball. california has been hesitant to add more games over the years. but powerball promises to rake in an extra $90 to $120 million for public education. >> i think the lottery has been through rough times. i think they're taking a very conservative approach to introducing new games. >> reporter: powerball's appeal comes from it's jackpot, which starts at $40 million and can grow to more with each roll.
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low-income families spend the largest percentage of their paychecks on the lottery, leading to poverty and crime. >> is that worth exploiting and hurting the very people we hope these programs will assist? >> reporter: in its defense, they say they offer info on the web and counseling by phone. fast and easy mart in fremont has been on a lucky streak, selling several big winning lottery tickets in the last couple of months. they say it's just a matter of time before someone here hits the powerball. and the owner would get a percentage of the winnings. >> if the winning powerball ticket is sold here, what does that mean to you? >> it means a lot to me. i'll pay off all of my bills and probably go for a vacation. >> why do you like it? >> so i can retire. >> reporter: and tickets go on sale april 8 of next year. the drawing is a couple of days after that. live in fremont, kiet do, cbs 5. >> well, we still don't know who the winners are in last night's $580 million
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jackpot. two winning tickets were sold. one in dearborn, missouri, population 500. and the winner or winners will be revealed at a news conference tomorrow. my goodness. they could all win and still have millions. the second winning ticket was sold at a convenience store in fountainville, arizona. so far, nobody has come forward to claim that ticket. >> everybody in that town could retire. maybe they will. who knows? >> you kind of hope it's a group of 20. it's too much money for one person. lots of lives going to be different around here, because you're gonna need an umbrella or you'll be really miserable. it is wet. it is windy. 62-mile-per-hour wind gusts at mountain diablo. but that's high. san rafael, 45 miles per hour. san francisco airport, 36 miles
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per hour. half moon bay clocking in at 29. here is that shot i showed you about six minutes looking. san rafael, mill valley, fairfax, all getting very heavy rainfall. and look at all of that rain to the north! that still has to move through before wave no. 2 clears out. there is just a tremendous amount of rain out there. there's san francisco. dry for now. but in a matter of minutes, it's going to be pouring downtown. and that rain has moved to burlingame, san mateo. and the south bay, you will be the last to see that rainfall move through, but you're going to get it too in san jose and los gatos. san rafael, five to eight inches. you'll get about half of that tonight. mountain view and santa clara, three to five inches by sunday. this is a serious rainmaker. also a serious snowmaker. up toward tahoe, two to three feet of snow at the highest elevations by tomorrow and perhaps up to seven to eight feet of new snow by the end of the weekend.
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a big area of low pressure. it all came together exactly the way the computer model said. the tropical moisture is down here. it's heading east over the same spot. we'll get hit tonight. we'll get hit tomorrow. we'll get hit again late saturday and sunday. this will not be over until the weekend is over. friday, tomorrow, it's going to be a messy day. wet, windy, all day long. mother nature reloading on saturday. just scattered showers. then here comes the heaviest rainfall. saturday night into sunday evening. then it's finally done by sunday evening. our computer forecast model is showing me colors i've never seen before around here. widespread, three inches or more, of rainfall for the entire bay area by sunday. so by sunday evening, after a lot of rain, we'll be done. monday and tuesday, we will be dry. wednesday, a couple showers. next thursday, mainly dry. the good news is this is
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happening in november and not january, february. that is huge! because this is as much rain in 2005, but the rivers are so much lower this time, so they have more room before they flood. so they should not flood this time. great news because of the time of year. >> you know, your futurecast looks like a t-shirt from a grateful dead concert. >> purple, red, green, yellow. >> we've got the whole rainbow represented, yes. >> without the music. >> yeah, right. >> thank you. coming up, what a police officer did with a new pair of boots which made him an internet sensation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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street. orter john it was a simple act of kindness on a cold new york street. >> yes. cbs 5 john flattery shows us the photo of a police officer's generosity. it's warming hearts all over the world. >> reporter: nypd officers may look tough as nails, but look at this picture taken on a recent cold night. a police officer giving a homeless man, with no shoes, a pair of boots. >> i just looked down at this gentleman's feet and could see the blisters from a distance. it was so cold that i knew i had to do something.
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>> reporter: an arizona tourist took the snapshot with her cell phone two weeks ago. it shows officer larry diprimo offering a kind gesture to a man who had no shoes. >> i went up to him and said, where are your shoes? he said, it's okay, i've never had a pair of shoes, but god bless you. >> reporter: this photo went viral, getting viewed more than 1.5 million times. and the boots the officer gave the man were brand-new. he had gone into the shoe store to buy them! >> he said he was interested in buying shoes for the homeless man outside. he didn't really know the size. >> reporter: the 25-year-old officer, just two years on the job, bought a pair of socks and a warm pair of boots, priced at $99, but the store gave the officer an employee discount, $49.50. >> he was like, i love the police. and that, again -- when i
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brought out the shoes, it was a smile ear to ear. it was absolutely amazing. >> reporter: reaction from the tourist who took the picture? >> honestly, what i think is his mom did something right. >> reporter: the identity of the man with new boots is not known. the photo poses a challenge for all of us, asking what would we do the next time we see a less fortunate person in need of shoes or clothing? >> the officer said it was so cold that he had on two pair of socks himself and his feet were still, you know, really cold. >> i heard somebody say he offered him a cup of coffee. the guy didn't stick around. he put the boots on and was gone. >> the officer keeps the receipt for the shoes in his pocket, as a reminder that there are people always in need, who always need help. >> good guy. >> good for him. certainly puts things into perspective when it comes to a quarterback controversy, doesn't it? however, alex smith did speak on the day after he was benched. and the nuggets got the
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last shot against the warriors. i'll tell you what happened, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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minutes tonight..but it wase last one-tenth of a seco t.. well, the warriors played the nuggets for 48 minutes
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tonight. but it was the last tenth of a second that mattered most, with bogut, the warriors played run and gun. and they shut the lights out. out to an early ten-point leader. warriors up 13-3. second quarter, nuggets on fire. jordan hamilton, three. and they lead. warriors by 15 in the second half. but here they come again. lee, two of his 31, and the warriors are back in front. last second of the game, warriors up by three. jarrett fouls andre iguodala. he goes to the line for three. he made the first two, badly misses the third. but nuggets still have a chance. with a half second left, iguodala for the win! yes. but wait. no! he did not get it off in time. warriors win 106-105. they are 9-and-6. 49ers quarterback alex smith doesn't look like a starter, act like a starter or talk like a starter.
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>> i mean, it sucks, you know. i don't know what else to say. you state your case with your play. i feel like i've done that. i feel like the only thing i did to lose my job was get a concussion. it's such a great group of guys in this locker room, something special going on. tough pill to swallow for sure. more local nfl. mcclain was told to stay away from today's practice. the former first-round pick posted on facebook yesterday that he was no longer with the team. it is unclear what the issue with rolando mcclain is. but the report is that he could be released soon. thursday night top five. earthquakes star, chris wondolowski, is the mvp. the first in franchise history to win that war. no. 4, drew brees failed to throw a touchdown pass for the first time in 55 games. the falcons beat the saints 23- 13. here's the shot that did count.
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>> two seconds left! score! >> south dakota wins it. no. 2, when does a golf pro look human? when his name is hunter naham. >> and when should a nascar driver stay in his car? when his name is keselowski. >> he was the pits. the pits. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hi-def doppler, it's here. we've been talking about it for a long time. heavy rainfall through friday. >> wow! >> very clear. >> nice and safe. >> see you tomorrow. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with dave letterman. tonight...
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